Our Publications

  1. Adler RF, Paley A, Li Zhao AL, Pack H, Servantez S, Pah AR, Hammond KJ, SCALES OKN Consortium. (2022) A user-centered approach to developing an AI system analyzing U.S. federal court data. Artificial Intelligence and Law.
  2. Pah AR, Schwartz DL, Sanga S, Alexander CS, Hammond KJ, Amaral LAN, SCALES OKN Consortium. (2022) The Promise of AI in an Open Justice System. AI Magazine 43(1), 69-74.
  3. Pah AR, Rozolis CJ, Schwartz DL, Alexander, CS, SCALES OKN Consortium. (2021) PRESIDE: A Judge Entity Recognition and Disambiguation Model US District Court Records. 2021 IEEE International Conference on Big Data, pp. 2721-2728. 
  4. Paley A, Li Zhao AL, Pack H, Servantez S, Adler RF, Sterbentz M, Pah AR, Schwartz DL, Barrie C, Einarsson A, Hammond KJ. (2021) From Data to Information: Automating Data Science to Explore the U.S. Court System. ICAIL ’21: Proceedings of the Eighteenth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law, pp 119-128.
    – Paper awarded “Best Innovative Application”
  5. Sanders AK and Davis Mersey R (2021, Mar. 18) Texans shouldn’t have to pay for court records. Houston Chronicle.
  6. Schwartz DL and Sanga S. (2020, Dec. 13) Tear Down This Judicial Paywall. Wall Street Journal. 
  7. Pah AR, Schwartz DL, Sanga S, Clopton ZD, DiCola P, Mersey RD, Alexander CS, Hammond KJ, Amaral LAN. (2020) How to build a more open justice system. Science 369 (6500), 134-136.

The SCALES Research Consortium

The SCALES OKN is made possible through the efforts of many, with research advancing hand-in-hand with our progress in building our broader community. Below is an alphabetical list of those who have participated in the SCALES Research Consortium. 

NamePositionPrimary AffiliationPrimary FocusPeriod
Rachel AdlerProfessorNortheastern Illinois UniversityCore Development2019-2022
Kathryn AlbrechtProfessorGeorgia State UniversityData Engineering2021-
Charlotte AlexanderProfessorGeorgia State UniversityData Engineering2020-
Luis AmaralProfessorNorthwestern UniversityPrincipal Investigator2019-
Cameron BarriePhD StudentNorthwestern UniversityCore Development2020-2022
Keshav BhandariMS StudentNorthwestern UniversityData Engineering2021
Sarah ChasinsProfessorUniversity of California BerkeleyData Engineering2020-2023
Zachary CloptonProfessorNorthwestern UniversityCommunity Engagement2019-
Christopher CotropiaProfessorUniversity of RichmondCommunity Engagement2020-
Nathan DahlbergData ScientistNorthwestern UniversityData Engineering2020-2023
Scott DanielSoftware EngineerNorthwestern UniversityData Engineering2020-
Erin DelaneyProfessorNorthwestern UniversityCommunity Engagement2019-2023
Peter DiColaProfessorNorthwestern UniversityCommunity Engagement2019-2023
Alexander EinarssonPhD StudentNorthwestern UniversityCore Development2020-2022
Orion ForowyczUndergraduate StudentNorthwestern UniversityCore Development2021 Winter
Tom GaylordLaw LibrarianNorthwestern UniversityCommunity Engagement2019-
Joe GermuskaExecutive Director, Knight LabNorthwestern UniversityCommunity Engagement2020-
Paul GowderProfessorNorthwestern UniversityData Engineering2020-2021
John HaganProfessorNorthwestern UniversityCommunity Engagement2019-2022
Kristian J. HammondProfessorNorthwestern UniversityCore Development2019-2022
Glen LearnedJD StudentNorthwestern UniversityData Engineering2020 Summer
Nancy LoebProfessorNorthwestern UniversityCommunity Engagement2019-2022
Daniel W. Linna Jr.ProfessorNorthwestern UniversityCommunity Engagement2021-2022
Greg ManganSoftware EngineerNorthwestern UniversityData Engineering2019-2021
Rachel Davis MerseyProfessorUniversity of Texas AustinCommunity Engagement2019-
Harper PackResearch AssociateNorthwestern University Core Development2020-2022
Adam PahProfessorNorthwestern UniversityData Engineering2019-
Andrew PaleyPhD StudentNorthwestern UniversityCore Development2019-2022
Christian RozolisData ScientistNorthwestern UniversityData Engineering2020-2022
Amy SandersProfessorUniversity of Texas AustinCommunity Engagement2020-
Sarath SangaProfessorNorthwestern UniversityCommunity Engagement2019-
David L. SchwartzProfessorNorthwestern UniversityCommunity Engagement2019-
Sergio ServantezPhD StudentNorthwestern UniversityCore Development2020-2022
Marko SterbentzPhD StudentNorthwestern UniversityCore Development2020-2022
Anne TuckerProfessorGeorgia State UniversityData Engineering2020-
Andong Li ZhaoPhD StudentNorthwestern UniversityCore Development2019-2022