Transforming the Accessibility and Transparency of Federal Courts


Because The Vast Majority of Federal Litigation is Dark Matter

The SCALES – OKN (Systematic Content Analysis of Litigation EventS Open Knowledge Network) team is composed of data scientists, legal scholars, journalists and policy experts, to develop a suite of tools to enable access to court records and analytics.

Our work is focused on building an AI powered data platform that makes the details of the federal judiciary and insights into how it works available and accessible to every single person.

Why are we on this mission?

The 94 federal courts have a profound effect on the administration of law in the United States, deciding cases that range from civil rights issues to nationwide product liability cases that affect every single American. 

The reality is that almost everything we know about how the federal judiciary works comes from the written opinions of judges. These opinions are issued in less than 10% of cases—creating a vast dark matter of litigation that academics, policymakers, and the public know little about.

Join Us

We are looking for people and organizations who want to help shape this new platform to use federal litigation data. Whether you’re a journalist, not for profit, lawyer, researcher, company, or institute, we are interested in working with you to develop a more open and inclusive future for legal analytics.