The next chapter: SCALES OKN

The past nine months has been an amazing journey for our group interviewing community members, understanding all of the issues you experience with PACER, and identifying concretely what needs to be built to enable everyone to ask questions about how the justice system works. All told we have interviewed more than 40 people and learned from far more through our surveys. We can’t thank enough every person that graciously gave their time over the last nine months.

We have also been on a journey as a team, growing now to more than 20 members from 7 universities across the country. We have a number of new members from Journalism, Law, Computer Science, and more that will help us deepen our connections within our user community and deliver more functionality quicker to the public.

Based on this tremendous growth and our technical developments, we decided that it was time to start a new chapter by changing our name to focus on what we’re delivering:

SCALES OKN:  Systematic Content Analysis of Litigation EventS

We’re still working on solving the same issue (in fact we will even start user testing our prototype later this summer!), but now under a new name that reflects both our core mission and the broad diversity of our team.

To help facilitate this change, we’ve created a video introducing ourselves and why we are so focused on unlocking the systematic analysis of litigation for the entire public.

Over the next month, we’ll be transitioning our user names and graphics to reflect our new name. But don’t worry, you can still call us NOACRI and our ears will perk up 🙂


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