NOACRI awarded NSF Convergence Accelerator Grant

We are elated to announce that NOACRI was awarded a NSF Convergence Accelerator Grant today! The Convergence Accelator is a new NSF program that is designed to accelerate use-inspired convergence research in areas of national importance. 

NOACRI is one of twenty groups from across the United States that was selected to build an open knowledge network. Our group is unbelievably excited to receive this level of support and use it to fast-track our goal of transforming the accessiblity and transparency of federal court records for the entire public.

This is an exciting start to our efforts and we are looking to move quickly to build a community around open legal analytics. Our goal is to make certain that the future tools that we develop will serve everyone in the community. Get in touch with us to become a partner, so we can work together to identify what questions these tools should enable and make effortless to answer.

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