Summer has been busy for the SCALES OKN as we’ve been hosting sessions to help users get acquainted with our publicly available alpha of Satyrn to view and analyze the SCALES OKN.

In June, Amy Sanders gave an introduction on potential uses cases of the SCALES OKN and how to use Satyrn to perform analysis of the SCALES OKN corpus at Media Party in Chicago. She detailed how Freedom of Information Act case filings could be identified and how to easily identify the volume and activity of these cases across all 94 federal districts to a packed room of journalists.

Later on that month we also hosted our third annual, and first in-person!, Open Justice Research Workshop in both Chicago and Atlanta. This was an exciting day where we were able to hear about the research progress from past workshop recipients, introduce Satyrn as a platform to analyze the SCALES OKN, and ideate about new research directions and partnerships. New connections were made and, importantly, new research is underway!

We are excited to keep our work going and looking forward to our official launch of Satyrn as a platform to view and analyze the SCALES OKN in October. In the meantime, please do sign up and use our alpha prototype — any feedback is greatly appreciated and will help drive us forward in developing new features to make the SCALES OKN more useful for researchers and the public.


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